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5 reasons you should stage your house before selling

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

When selling your property nothing is more important than how your house is looking. The first question you need to ask yourself is. Is your property attracting buyers? I always say to my clients that you can attract buyers only within five seconds when they walk into the property. It's all about that feeling that comes from inside the moment they enter the property and we can help you with that by professionally staging your house and getting it ready to sell.

If you’re listing your property in the market, here are five definite reasons you should consider staging your property to sell.

Sells the property faster

First of all, staging your home will look much more attractive in photographs which brings an increasing number of potential buyers to open houses. Attractive-looking homes sell more quickly with higher prices, and all of that can start with the simple act of looking at photographs of the respective homes. Clearly, this means that when selling your property online it must be presented beautifully in order to stand out from other listings that your potential buyers will be scrolling through. Below is one of our styled home photos that can attract most buyers to the open house.

Erase the negatives in a home

When we enter a property the first thing, we look for any darker spaces, scratches, stains, et cetera that need the buyer’s distraction, and then by featuring or highlighting the best places of your home, we distract the buyer’s attention from some negative features of your home. This helps in presenting the property in an even more attractive way and they can easily fall in love with it.

Gives your agent confident

Tell me your level of confidence when you are dressed up nicely and wearing a Rolex watch with LV bag and driving Maserati. It is the same feeling with an agent, of course when the property is styled up professionally with luxury and trending furniture, prints, and wall art, he will be feeling more confident about the property. We create a nice, consistent feel in the property for the people who are going to walk around the house, and also by adding pop of colors, bold patterns, and different textures we bring the wow factor to the house.

Help buyers visualizing

We start this with an example. Think of Ikea Stores. Have you ever thought about why Ikea is so successful? It’s because they are giving visualization to their customers by setting up a whole full living space or whole bedroom, dining, or outdoor space in their stores. So, when customers walk into the store, they end up buying the whole setup because they know this whole setup is looking good. Similarly, when a buyer enters the property you will be giving them visuals of how it's going to look when they are going to move in.

Makes you Money

Here comes the best part. A professionally staged home Increases the dollar value for sure and that’s the main reason the sellers want to stage their home in the first place. Just think about it, if someone falls in love with your house, they will happily accept higher prices and that will give you increased property value. It is important to understand that home staging is an investment and of course, it is way cheaper than renovating the whole house. I would say if you are selling an older property, home staging is very much relevant as we have seen the highest ROI in older style properties where minor issues can be overlooked with the help of home staging and you can get the highest returns.

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