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5 Interior design trends you will fall in love with..

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Interiors are taking centre stage in 2020 , as more people are spending more time at home . Architects and designers are increasingly aware of their responsibility in improving client’s well being and their life, as they search best solutions for their interior design projects. It’s interesting to see patterns that address our needs as society and environment even more. With all of this in mind, here are the top 10 home interior design trends..

1. Built- in seating

Be it a window-side perch with a great view or cozy reading niche, sating that’s built in adds character to a room and can be excellent space-saving technique. Fun architecture details are going to have a big moment in later years. Kids will love these kind of interior and it will get everyone attention.

2. Fat furniture

For big and luxury house it is the best option. It can fill up big spaces easily and its attracted too . These furniture gives a lots of seating capacity and it is inspired by the décor from the ‘70s. It is a right example adult material and it can create your house new. Most of the fat furniture shape is curvy which will make your house angle different.

3. Modern wood paneling

These kind of work is costly but it will create your home wild and beautiful. A person who loves wood work can choose this option and can bring warmth in his life and house . By doing wood paneling in your kitchens or bathrooms , it can make you feel fresh and energetic. To make home unfussy, one can choose wood walls .

4. Home office

This is the most popular design and most beneficial. These kind of interior design can create your house as your workspace and its very productive as well as functional. U can convert your bedroom, guest room or any area of your house into workspace. By adding a mini secretary desk , floating shelf or lap desk can help to create a work area wherever you are.

5. Bioholic design

These design are for those who love love nature and plants. It’s a new concept and become have become completely new layer in interior design. You can put indoor plants in your building which can look like a small ecosystem. By adding hanging plants and reclaimed wood or large green installations can improve your health, psyche and overall ecosystem.

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